The workers of a factory in China fled to the thrilling stunt smuggle the components of the iPhone

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All companies have their own technologies which make their products unique from the products of other companies. Apple is not an exception where we imagine that the company is working around the clock to help prevent leaks, but it seems that, at one time, an accident occurred in China deserves to be create a movie around it.

According to a new report released recently from the website of The Information, following the leak of the iPhone 5C in 2013, formed the Apple a new working group called “New Product Security”, which works on the quality control of security in some of the companies supplied the components most sensitive in China. Among the incidents that he found out that the group find a tunnel in the corner of a room to smuggle in the ingredients.

Has been hidden the tunnel behind a large machine was the client hoping to provide them with a way out they can smuggle the ingredients. As if that story wasn’t crazy enough, the report goes on to add that the team of “New Product Security” has also found that some of the workers in the factories tried to hide some of the components in the ceiling, in boxes, napkins, shoes, belts, underwear, and even in the remnants of metal shavings.

It’s no secret that Apple is strict to a great extent when it comes to bases, but if we look at the leaks that we’ve seen in recent years, it seems that Apple needs more work.

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