The workers ‘ revolution in the Amazon, under the slogan “We’re not robots”

ثورة العمال في أمازون.. تحت شعار "لسنا رجال آليين"

Objections extensive expressed a lot of the workers of the stores, in the e-commerce site “Amazon” recently, as witnessed in many European countries, under the slogan “We are human beings, not robots”.

The workers ‘ revolution

It seems that crisis will not stop soon for the sudden e-commerce site the most famous in the world, the Amazon, where many of the workers, Company stores, recognition on what they called the conditions of work of non-humanitarian, which deals with the human like robot, according to describe their.

Came last credits by working in the Amazon, to cope with solutions to the “Black Friday”, which certifies more sales transactions via the website, compared to the rest of the days of the year, due to frequent presentations at such an important period of the year.

Amendments to the workers in the Amazon, where experienced States of England, France, Spain, Italy, and other European countries that attacks police officers in the world, which ignored the management of the crisis worsening, complete with reference to that it will make all efforts in order to satisfy users in various parts of the world, before you respond to working in an official statement.

Statement Amazon

Came the official response by the official spokesperson, the Amazon in Britain, to indicate that Amazon has allowed the United Kingdom about 25 thousand jobs at the rate of salaries totalling £ 10 per hour, sign on training opportunities and several other, confirming that the positions of the own work base is the safest for workers, and to all you saying the opposite is not true.

Also called the official spokesperson of the Amazon in the United Kingdom to hold a simple comparison between salaries and working conditions in the Amazon, and the same items in other places, to ensure the safety of his company’s site, with reference to the figures on the management of Health and safety of the British government, which made clear before, according to park, the low rate of injuries at work in the Amazon by about 40% compared to other companies.

Was Amazon have been during the recent period, a number of vibrations which in the opinion of some specialists they are certified in global markets, where reports revealed know the company owned the richest men in the world, Jeff Bezos, to huge material losses, and before he knew Bezos himself, stopped his fall Amazon one day in the not-too-distant.

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