The World Health Organization launches new application to address these 19

منظمة الصحة العالمية تطلق تطبيق جديد لمواجهة كوفيد 19 a new application to face these 19

Using the World Health Organization to take a new step to help the masses of human beings in this case the health of his in the spread of novel coronavirus around the world.

Use the region to launch an application for iOS and Android and the web, many of the tips and assistance in the battle with these 19 .

The application of the World Health Organization

The application will receive the name ( WHO MyHealth) and it is developed by a team of employees of Google and Microsoft ex, and the Massachusetts Institute of technology, in addition to the level of the Republican Organization of health health experts.

Scheduled to launch the app officially on March 30, will include a wide range of topics and tools that can be used to confront the emerging virus.

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