The world will change, Web 3.0, not Bitcoin. Interesting opinion of the head of the Galaxy Digital

CEO Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz announced a curious thought while Ethereal Summit from ConsenSys. He said that Bitcoin is unlikely to change the world, because it is only a tool for saving values. While the world’s largest cryptocurrency clearly established itself in this role. As a result, the Novogratz believes BTC completed from the point of view of storage values.

The expert also compares largest cryptocurrency with gold and argues that both assets are valuable as a social construction.

Since Bitcoin is a store of value and acts more like “digital gold”, he is unlikely to change the world. But Web 3.0 has huge potential to do so.

According to Novogratz, Web 3.0 is revolutionary in terms of how the networks work and how to interpret the data. Technology is quite a “decentralized platform for information processing. It allows you to separate data and processes of their treatment, and in this space are fighting a public eco-systems Ethereum and its competitors”.

We will remind, last week the Novogratz has shared his forecast that the price of Bitcoin in the next 18 months will overcome the historical maximum.

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The head of the Galaxy Digital also compared the cryptocurrency with the periodic system of chemical elements. It also has key components, while others virtually have no value. He believes that is why no one creates nothing on the blockchain of Litecoin, but instead prefer Ethereum.

If we agree that Bitcoin will take the place of the main store of value, the other projects should be earmarked for other objectives.

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