The world’s largest Association of institutional investors launched courses on cryptocurrency

Last week, the Russian don state technical University first launched courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Student recruitment will begin in September.

Now the world’s largest Association of professionals in the area of investment, CFA Institute, added to his training programs courses on digital assets. This writes

Where they teach the cryptocurrency

CFA certifies professionals in the field of Finance and provides training on niche topics such as investment, credit and banking. The community consists of about 157 thousand participants, most of which are in Asia.

The course will start in August and will consist of three levels. The first stage is called “knowledge of ethical and professional standards”, and the second explains how these standards apply to the situations faced by analysts. The third level, the investors will tell you how to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

As the newspaper notes, the CFA adopted a decision on inclusion in the course syllabus about digital money because of the increased interest in the topic by students.

We see cryptocurrencies taking over the world. This is much faster than in other areas. It is not a passing whim.

I hope that the courses on cryptocurrency will be more — particularly in developing countries. Then the number of educated traders will rise and the market will become more Mature.

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