The worst 5 breaches in the data occurred in 2020 even now

Passed us a lot of events during the first half of 2020, most notably the pandemic of MERS-CoV (COVID-19) which changed the pattern of our lives, it also impacted negatively on the global economy, in addition to the geopolitical conflicts around the world, and all of this had a significant impact in the field of electronic security.

So much has happened in data breaches and cyber attacks over the past six months so much so that it’s hard to think of what will happen during the second half of the year.

Here are the worst 5 breaches in the data occurred in 2020 so far:

1. exploit pandemic MERS-CoV:

I have a non-corona virus (Covid-19) the way it works is people pattern their daily lives, where the increased use of the internet daily in all parts of the world during the pandemic, which had a significant impact on how the implementation of the hacker attack electronic, the greater the vulnerabilities that they target, it has led to an increase in the number of data breaches that occurred during the first half of the year.

Started phishing scams that use the thing during the month of January, and then increased during the months of March and April and was aimed at governments and international organizations that work to respond to the epidemic, for example: targeted anonymous hackers, in the month of March, the World Health Organization protection of the phishing to try to gain access to their systems to digital.

In the month of April; was arrested on hackers linked to Iran and they launch phishing attacks against the pharmaceutical company (Gilead Sciences), is working to develop a vaccine for MERS-CoV.

As increased fraud and attempts to blackmail on a global level during the pandemic, where the attacks increased, the programmes ransom on hospitals; because the Pirates are hoping to pay urgency to the work of the officials to pay the ransom easily.

Such attacks are always a potential threat to patient health and safety, but it was particularly terrible during the pandemic MERS-CoV; for it is straining the health care systems in the world, and affect the speed of treat them with the virus.

Didn’t the Pirates need a MERS-CoV for financial gain only, but to them the objectives of the other more damage, with the reports of the company (Lookout) electronic security to exploit apps maps tracking the spread of the virus for smart phone users.

2 – broaden the targeting of the attacks of the Chinese government:

I subjected the government of China minority Uighurs in the country for surveillance and piracy increasingly over the years. Since 2013 the work of the hacker of the Chinese state on the development of techniques and software development on the population of the Uighurs is able to steal sensitive data existing in the target phones, and those devices to devices to eavesdrop.

In spite of the pandemic of MERS virus that is plaguing all countries of the world continued These operations at a rapid pace, but also expanded the scope of the target in the first half of 2020.

At the same time; it was announced by the Australian Prime Minister (Scott Morrison) during the month of June to the public and private sectors in the country facing two months ago, many of the cyber attacks. Avoid the the government officials accusing China publicly of those attacks, but local media, the Australian reported that China is behind these attacks.

Tensions between Australia and China in recent months due to trade negotiations, so put the Australian government plans to invest more than $ 930 million over 10 years; to strengthen the capacity of its defensive and offensive digital security.

3 – leaks BlueLeaks:

Typically the hacker group which is called (DDoSecrets) after nearly 10 years of stress, were published during the month of June last almost 270 GB of data under the title (label Blue) BlueLeaks, comprising the data of more than 200 Department of the company, has been stolen this data from a web development company (Netsential).

Containing a data set (BlueLeaks) data are extremely sensitive, including: special levels, the data transfer operations of the bank, the account numbers of banks, as well as the statement of the accused and suspects, in addition to the contents of your e-mail to all members of the police stations in various states of America.

4. the cyber-attack on Georgia attributed to Russia:

Launch Pirates of the (Intelligence Agency of the Russian military) GRU attack e massive to Georgia in October 2019, has caused this attack in the expectations of thousands of web sites in Georgia, including: government sites, corporate sites, as affected by the media.

During the month of February 2020 was announced that the hacker group known as (Sandworm) – a unit of Agents of the GRU, the Russian – is responsible for this attack, according to a joint survey conducted by Georgia and the United States and the United Kingdom.

During the month of May, 2020, and announced the US National Security Agency (NSA) that the group (Sandworm) was trying to penetrate e-mail servers vulnerable around the world as part of some attacks. With that didn’t challenge the National Security Agency any breaches occurred as a result of these attempts.

5 – Iranian attacks on the United States:

Iran increased activity by cyber attacks significantly in recent years, particularly since the withdrawal of the President Trump of the Iranian nuclear agreement for 2015 in the year 2018.

After the assassination of the United States of Qassem Soleimani in the early days of 2020, researchers published findings that groups hacking Iranian attacks strong networks of America, in an attempt to reach electric utilities and oil and gas companies.

At the beginning of the month of June, the group said analysis of security threats in Google: “the hacker group of Iran known as the (Charming Kitten) attacks phishing against the re-election campaign Trump”. Also spotted Microsoft is also targeting the same group for Trump at the end of last summer.

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