The worst bug in the history of Bitcoin since 2010. Who made a mistake?

Bitcoin Core developer John Newbery called himself responsible for a major bug in the Bitcoin network since 2010. We are talking about discovered previously impossible to hack the blockchain cryptocurrency and the first to break the nodes. This writes Bitcoinist.

CVE-2018-17144, which last week said the developers of Bitcoin Core, could allow a hacker to disrupt nearly 90 percent of the gcd. The cost of attack is relatively low and amounts to 12.5 bitcoins — now this amount the miners get for finding a block.

The main threat to Bitcoin

Then the developers said that the built-in Bitcoin Core algorithm of The Fast Internet Bitcoin Relay Engine (FIBRE) can facilitate the work of cyber criminals. He is used to speed up the detection blocks.

Newbury admitted that he did not notice the bug immediately, and apologized in front of the entire Bitcoincommunity.

Box fCheckDuplicateInputs not just smell, it stinks. I had to trust his instincts. At least, I had to find BitcoinCore PR # 9049. I didn’t do it.

The publication notes that the community first cryptocurrency was not trying to find one culprit in the existence of the bug, so Newbury would be able to maintain a reputation without even an apology.

However, some community members reacted to the vulnerability rather harshly. One of the most famous of its members under the nickname Cobra is called CVE-2018-17144 “the greatest bug in the network coins since 2010”.

Under vulnerability, which may partially disrupt the network of the first cryptocurrency, is a more serious problem. This allows a hacker to violate the limit on the maximum number of bitcoins in circulation (21 million) and to produce much more coins. In theory, these actions will lead to increased supply and the devaluation of the first cryptocurrencies. It can also cause many investors to turn away from the coin.


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