The Xbox Live service come again for the second time this week

خدمة Xbox Live تعاني من جديد للمرة الثانية خلال هذا الأسبوعthe Xbox Live service

Suffered device users Xbox from the malfunction of a new cause in the interruption of the Xbox Live service for the second time this week, where he was to bring the basis of Microsoft you may experience a crash similar in its platform for games since the days represented in the service failure and the inability of users to log in to the calculations of Xbox access the games and a number of applications.

The company announced on the weekend the new that hit the service today, through the support account Xbox on Twitter; it was in the sink her we face the problem of sat given a scientific account login of some users, and that its team is working on examining the problem and the public of any new, regularly tweets her thanks to the users who were sending reports around the problem.

In not only service dependencies on the inability of users access the games and listen to it properly, but also give prevent access to some applications as it was in the first time, this has included applications Amazon Video Spotify وPlex that require of course account login Xbox to become the effective use of the user.

It is worth mentioning that the term vacation in the past took two hours of time to even things back on track; and it can be expected that this time will be similar at the very least the dating service to work again at any time with the Stop revealed the company about the reasons for the interruptions this time!


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