The Xbox Next will feature not present in PS5

Rumors and scattered most of them focus on الـPS5, this is because the organs of the PlayStation owns the largest number of players around the world, but on the other hand we should not forget that Microsoft is working on the new version of the gaming device Xbox, which is the first -and perhaps only – for PlayStation.

Probably the new Xbox -which holds the Project, Scarlett will come with the same internal components responsible for the operation and processing of the games which comes from the development of AMD as well the device will come at a price suitable to rival the PS5! But what may distinguish him for?

Water that will come in Xbox new is that it is simply called Play Anywhere! A feature may carry the name Xbox Play Anywhere! Where can you play Xbox games -or some – on the Xbox One current, الـPC as well as Xbox New without the loss of any progress made within the game.

This feature is owned by Microsoft originally due to possessing a Windows system is an essential feature of the US we see mostly in organs of the PS5, next it certainly would be beneficial for all players who own computers running Windows 10.

What do you think? In which team are you? Xbox or PlayStation is?

Source: BGR

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