“The Xbox Series X” the new generation of platform games Microsoft

Microsoft unveils new generation of devices their games under the name ” Xbox Series X” at the ceremony awards the best games of the year.

Xbox Series X مايكروسوفت

After a while of talking about talking about the new generation of game consoles Microsoft Xbox, the company revealed at the awards ceremony the best games of the year unveiled the new generation under the name “Xbox Series X” to be the beginning of a series that the company is seeking through her to the top of gaming devices in the world.

Comes device Microsoft designed like the trunk of a rectangle and wholly different from the previous ARM controller with a share button and an ergonomic design for hands more.

What distinguishes the device from a design perspective, the possibility to use it and install it in the length or horizontal for the presence of the vent on one of its aspects little.

Comes Xbox Series X with the central processor specially designed based on AMD Zen 2 architectural Radeon RDNA, the tablet storage of type NVMe SSD to speed up writing and reading data and therefore the download speed. How will the device support Games quality up 8K with a frame rate of 120 per second, will also be a technical track X, which will give him great realistic during game play.

Despite the declaration of the highlights of the specifications, but the company didn’t talk about the type of graphics processor, but it confirmed to miss it 8 times on the Xbox One.

Means that the device possesses enormous potential compared with the previous generation especially at the level of the graphics thanks to the new processor and tracking the Rays.

Watch the video ad for the device:

The company in turn reviewed the capabilities of the device with a promotional video for the game Hellblade II – can be seen below:



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