The young millionaire wants to bring the Bitcoin price to 20 thousand dollars

Eric Finman periodically flashed in the headlines as the teenager who made a fortune through early investment in Bitcoin. He claims now he has the decisions with relatively little effort will help bring Bitcoin to the levels the end of 2017.

He was late to implement it at the end of last year because of the midst of a bear market, depreciated the most cryptotokens 90 percent. However, with the onset of kryptovaci Finman shared plans about how to recover Bitcoin to its former high. Alas, the specifics were few.

This at least can contribute to a combination of plans of Finman and some events.

What kind of plans he has in mind Eric is not specified.

A new wave of adoption

2019 is a new 2017 Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General. In fact, there is a good dynamics of adoption, as all have seen in 2017. The difference is that it’s not just investors and private individuals, but rather large companies.

Cryptocurrency is making huge steps, and everything that happens in the technology industry and Finance now, make Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies stronger. The blockchain is a disruptive technology.

According to Firman, among other catalysts for the growth of Bitcoin prices it is possible to note increase the speed of transactions, elimination of tribalism and the struggle between projects, and reducing commissions. In addition, the performance of the blockchain makes Bitcoin even more attractive, and therefore, it is possible to expect greater adoption.

People who live every day just Bitcoin, are cooked within the ecosystem and are making great efforts to develop it, often forget that technology is constantly have to learn new people.

Many consider the second wave of adoption as a much more sustainable and conscious. After the previous jump was primarily fueled by FOMO effect.

Bubble speculators 2017 was harmful to investors, but he led the industry into the spotlight and allowed the large companies to learn about new technologies.

What do you think can be done to the growth rate in 2.5? In our cryptodata there are still a lot of other useful information.

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