The YouTube app adds support for HDR for my iPhone Xs XS Max

تطبيق يوتيوب يضيف دعم HDR لهاتفي آيفون Xs وXs Max

Offer YouTube advantages to watch videos HD on smart phones through its application, the fact that the Android phones were getting more advantages because of the quality of the screens used for programming the system, especially the HDR support. But with the launch of the Apple phone Xs XS Max, it’s become more expansive.

Where he introduced the Apple phone to its Xs XS Max with a high screen resolution of the OLED produced by Samsung, which is what made YouTube you to update their application to support HDR content and watching it on the iPhone New.

Can be said that the support of YouTube and the previous iPhone did not reach the stage of definition of the current, but with the new phones, the user experience will be better than ever, but at the same time won’t get higher quality than 1080 pixels for the two.

And platform video months globally quality up to 4K on some phones, has revealed the list of “YouTube Signature” phones that offer the best viewing experience, but this list is still get rid of the phones Apple because of the lack of support for the VP9 codec unlike Android phones.

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