The YouTube app may get an option ” night mode ” and ” design hidden “


I got the interface of the YouTube website a few months ago on the big changes as they got on the ” night mode ” which converts the white façade of the site to the Black interface to help users browse the site in environments where lighting is low or in the dark because the Black will be perfect to work in such conditions. Having said that, it has today released a new report stating that the YouTube app for mobile devices will turn on the feature of Night mode, and may also get the property ” filter hidden”, as is the case in Google Chrome.

Based on the site 9to5Google they dismantled the APK file of your application YouTube on Android platform. During the process of disassembly has been the discovery of some evidence in the source code stating that the option ” night mode ” and the option ” export hidden”, and may link to the app in the future.

There are also other clues in the source code for the APK file of your application youtube, implying that the option ” export hidden ” will be released to the YouTube app in the near future. As is the case now in the browser Google Chrome, the filter option is hidden will probably stop recording the history of the views. This is already possible currently through the stop watch and record conversations through the Settings menu, but having the option to export hidden will make things easier.

Not clear when will these features. The evidence in the source code only hint to the advent of these features, but that doesn’t mean that these features will arrive in the near future. Before concluding we would like to point out that it was also monitoring Google choose ” night mode ” with a limited number of users of the YouTube app on the iOS platform.


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