The Youtube app VR brings more than 1 million experience to the helmet Oculus Quest


Will be shipped the helmet of virtual reality of the independent Oculus Quest at Day 21 in the month of May, and will be pleased those who wanted this helmet to know that Google company confirmed today that they will be bringing YouTube to this helmet. In fact, we have confirmed the US company Google today that they will be bringing the experiences of the Youtube VR representative to the helmet Oculus Quest.

Will be able to users through the Youtube app VR watch videos of traditional two-dimensional video clips of the comic at an angle of 360 degrees. Usually take Google two months to launch the Youtube app VR helmet is new, so interesting certainly note that this is the first time that you access the Youtube app VR helmet new as soon as you start shipping.

There will be a number of applications of virtual reality the other common that will see their way also to the helmet Oculus Quest when you get to kick up in the day May 21. Among these applications we mention Tilt Brush playing a Job Simulator. It is also planned to launch a Vacation Simulator on the helmet Oculus new in the coming months.

Oculus Quest is a helmet virtual reality The Independent that the long wait of the company Oculus. She doesn’t need a computer or external sensors external to the experiences of virtual reality with the knowledge that they cost $ 399 USD.


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