The YouTube application of virtual reality will be Oculus Quest once launched

Oculus Quest

Said YouTube to copy their application of virtual reality will be available to users on the virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest as soon as it arrives for the 21st of May current, to be the user in front of the more options for viewing video via the most prevalent in the world.

Was Facebook has unveiled a system of Oculus Quest announced the date of launch in May, a new and improved version of the system is the fact that its development via its subsidiary company Oculus.

On the other side, the Google is one of the most interested in the arrival of its application to helmets and virtual reality glasses, has already launched the YouTube application on the Oculus Go before to announce the availability of it on the Oculus Quest as soon as you see clearer and better than the previous with the experience of enjoy watching video clips with 360 degrees.

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