The zcash for the network will be the first friendly fork Ycash. As to YEC?

The forum community zcash for has information about the “friendly fork” Ycash, which will be absolutely independent from the zcash for Foundation. The division of the chain cryptocurrency will happen 570,000 unit or about July 18. Holders ZEC will receive new coins Ycash in the ratio 1:1. For fork has already registered trademark, owned by independent organizations Ycash Foundation.

What Ycash?

The project developers are not satisfied with the current situation in the mining zcash for, so I want to give the community an alternative. In addition, they “keep their promise” with respect to the Fund remuneration team zcash for Founders Reward, which must always be 2.1 million coins.

During startup in Ycash will be three important differences compared to the ZEC:

  • the decrease in the level of remuneration of developers from 20 to 5 percent on a permanent basis;
  • formation of a new non-profit organization Ycash Foundation with their funding rules developers;
  • algorithm Proof-of-Work revision in favor of a more suitable for mining on the GPU and CPU. For example, ProgPoW or RandomX.

The developers swear to leave 2.1 million coins in Ycash Development Fund, which is then used to Finance the activities of the organization. Because its software is set at 5 percent, the miners will receive 95 percent of the block reward for cryptocurrencies. By the time the first halving in October 2020 in the YDF should be about 175 thousand YEC.

Source: Bitcoinist

This are the standard promises of low commissions, high transaction speed and smooth operation of the blockchain. Recall that all holders will receive the YEC ZEC automatically, so ignore any suggestions to get “free coins” through the disclosure of keys. With high probability it will just be a Scam.

Prospects Ycash

Promises promises, but the community had serious doubts about the future of the project.

Mikhail Korolev, the founder of

Another parasitic fork on the well-known brand. We have already seen a similar case with ANON, Callisto and thousands of coins. When a neighbor came to build a nice house, all around want the same thing. But they have of building materials there is only a stick, a shovel and something else.

The presence of coins to the founders makes it clear that people have no money to create a solid Foundation, they will not be able to withdraw the coin on the exchange and get at least some PR.

The zcash for the forum also raised concern about the willingness of the programmers attempt to become a non-profit organization. What do you think about this? Do Ycash prospects? Share your opinion in cryptodata of hontarov.


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