The ZEISS group VR ONE CONNECT in #CES2018

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Announced ZEISS recently announced a special set of hardware and software of virtual reality called the ONE CONNECT, which is supposed to allow users to run virtual reality games for computer through the system SteamVR using their phones only, the company announced that the device will appear at CES this year. And what distinguishes this group is the software, which comes in the form of special programmes to allow the broadcasting of virtual reality games custom to fit on a mobile phone connected to the computer through the USB port. The program passes the data sensor of the phone to the computer to simulate how the system of virtual reality pioneer, which comes with Controller, low energy bluetooth support 3 degrees of freedom, such as Controller Google Day Dream.


Will this collection to museums in the United States sometime this spring at a price of $ 129, and you’ll need a virtual reality to your phone but you can use any system, even the simplest models. Thanks to the cooperation between ZEISS وValve the group will be compatible with games system SteamVR from the first day. No need for big tracking topical with this group the lack of it; but unfortunately it means that games that use the tracking on the scope of the room will not work. You will also need a computer and a phone android or iOS, and through these things the company claims that you can get the experience to compete the most expensive virtual reality glasses, which depend on the situation.

On the other hand, it you can do the same thing using the application RiftCat and simple and compatible with the application of the VNC, and the use of controllers compatible sensor movement will try this experiment.

System can ZEISS the same simplicity and ease of use more than anything else, while the simple solutions which include the application of the RiftCat require some technical skills, the system of the ZEISS VR ONE CONNECT works easily from the outset in the case of the connected computer and telephone areas.


This thread ZEISS group VR ONE CONNECT in #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

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