The Zen hotel likely huge in the feast seventy-third and to the independence of the kingdom

Set up Zain in cooperation with the greater Amman municipality, on Friday, likely a large national in the gardens of Al-Hussein on the occasion of the feast seventy-third and to the independence of the kingdom, to the Jordanians to celebrate this occasion dear to the hearts of all the sons and daughters of this homeland, and to facilitate the development in such events National annual stick to it for the fourth year ten, respectively.

And began to events in the Royal Automobile Museum, which included recreational activities for children and families, and continued the celebration -which was attended by tens of thousands of citizens from different governorates of the kingdom – in the gardens of Al-Hussein, where he presented his media Mohammad Agency, and the knight, and captivate women, and rend the East, Dr. Hani al-Badri and pass out.

Threw the Secretary of the Oman Dr. Youssef mustaches word on this occasion welcomed the attendees and congratulated His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn al Hussein, stressed the importance of partnership with all national institutions, as reflected in this partnership with Zain.

For his part, welcomed the chief executive of Zain, Ahmed hands the attendees congratulated the leader of the country and all the sons of the Jordanian family on this occasion, reflecting the feelings of pride and recognition of the home, and wise leadership and his generation the valiant.

Began the celebration of the poverty of the Jordanian armed forces, and Royal Jordanian blessing the celebration, followed by a set of instrumentals National, as he threw the tea walls Mohammed had new over-jubouri, a poem singing the love of home, and the Ambassador of applique for children, baby feature having ovarian word on this occasion, she expressed love for Jordan which is rooted in the hearts of the Jordanians since the earliest age, at the set off deals huge fireworks, which were launched this year from 10 different locations, in collaboration between Zain and the greater Amman, and to light up the skies of Amman in this National Day.

Caught events on the paragraphs of art, the first of which was the artist Hussein al Salman, Co. through its group of team members Zain network due to the tune of the song “Jordanian, Zain identity”, followed by a paragraph of artists shady for my kasumi carpentry group with the participation of the children of the community programme young athletes Jordan (YESJO) through a paragraph of review articulated in their own way about their love for the Motherland and the artists hossam order of the amygdala a collection of their songs and the National great interaction from fans, the concert concluded with a paragraph to the voice of Jordan sound of the Zen artist’s lifetime of art with the participation of teams of the folklore of the people.

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