Themes for Android that will change your smartphone beyond recognition

There are lots of ways to customize the appearance of your Android smartphone. Some time ago we told you about programs and launchers. Be sure to read this article, because without a launcher to install a beautiful theme will not work. Well, in order not to miss important materials in the future — follow us on Telegram. In General to install the launcher is not so difficult. But to choose an interesting and original subject — is another matter. So we decided to tell you about topics that will change your smartphone beyond recognition.

Change Android’s look the way we want!

The contents

Ocean Dream — For lovers of the seas

This topic is entirely devoted to the marine theme. This applies to both the Wallpaper and the appearance of icons. For example, the app icon for messaging looks like a message in a bottle, and the icon for the browser application similar to radar. Participated in the development the designers at ASUS, so we can say that the developed theme was the real professionals.

Download: Ocean Dream

Glasklart icons — For lovers of minimalism in everything

Glasklart icons has a whole bunch of unique icons for any application. While they are all made in the same, so to speak, the “white-transparent” style. If you don’t like a color or through-Chur the bright colors and prefer the brevity and simplicity of the glasklart icons that is definitely your choice. Just do not use them with white backgrounds, and then very confused that where is located.

Download: Glasklart Icons

Another minimalistic add-on. Only here, in contrast to the previous paragraph here “whitewash” not only icons but also everything. The gradient colors and transitions is constructed so that white items are not lost on each background other. If you are not a supporter so popular in recent years the “dark theme”, then White should pay attention.

Download: White

Pinko — liven up your usual smartphone

Pinko was the favorite for downloading among all the for Android for a long time due to the minimalist icons with great attention to detail. Pinko turns all your apps in “circles” that look thus amazing. Such a transformation does not the interface is radically different, but slightly vary the usual arrangement of elements, it could.

Download: Pinko

Windows Mobile 95 — Oldy here

And that’s what makes the interface is radically different, so it is Windows Mobile 95. There are no piles of animations or transitions. Here we have an imitation of good old Windows 95. Want to know how would look your phone, if it was created in 90-ies the company Microsoft? Something like in the screenshot above. With the amendment, of course, to the fact that modern technologies like fast Internet to deprive you, no one will. Although from the sound of the ancient connection of the modem in some form we would not clear refused.

Download: Windows Mobile 95

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