There allows to export and retrieve conversations and adds new features to the notification of

تيليغرام يتيح تصدير واسترداد المحادثات ويُضيف مزايا جديدة للاشعارات

Think there of the most platforms that offer distinctive additions for users and innovative, this continues with the new update , which allows export and import of conversations on the desktop, in addition to the possibility of improvement notices should be commensurate with each user separately.

In a new update, the users will be able to export specific conversations or all conversations in the application, including multimedia and saved on the desktop, as they will be able to retrieve them later on the app with ease, so that the files will be saved in the format of JSON or HTML, this is similar to some extent with the way the export and import tabs saved on apps like Firefox, but its presence on the application of conversation gives a big leap in this area.

Can do this step with ease, where users can go to click through the desktop application on their devices, and then choose to export after selecting a conversation, the same mechanism would be the process of retrieving messages in the event of moving to a new device or the loss of some data over the previous account like.

Add other update, is to update notices to exceptions. In other words, when the user selects the form of notices to be issued when the message reception from other users, you’ll be able to invested or more users of such notice; if we say that the arrival notices without sound aspect ratio LED-backlit only, it will be able to invest what he wants of them featuring chat voice.

As things remote from the ordinary users in general, they have talked there about improving service Telegram Passport launched to facilitate access to services that require confirmation of personal identity, she also talked about the high number of users of the service of the company.

The term allows the export and retrieve conversations and adds the advantages of the new notices appeared first on the tech world.

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