There is being attacked DDoS a huge source of China

تيليجرام يُقدّم إعدادات التنزيل التلقائي وتشغيل الفيديو التلقائي وأكثر

Accused Pavel Durov the founder of the application there for immediate download, the Chinese government of being behind the attacks denial of service DDoS is of a huge size in conjunction with the needs of Hong Kong.

The volume of migration, on average, 200-400 gigabytes per second, most IP addresses come from China.

And Hong Kong’s massive protests to denounce the amendment of the Extradition Act, and used the protesters applied there to clean and organize the demonstrations, which China is justified to stop the app from working through the DDoS attacks.

And applied there and Firechat app stores of hand the number of times the download in Hong Kong, especially it allows the possibility to communicate encrypted between users.

It is believed that the huge demand received there from during the attack come across a large number of software botnets infected with malicious software designed to flood there the data requests, the illusion of what prevents them from responding to the requests of actual users.

The distributed servers there is around the world in a thoughtful manner to mitigate the impact of such attacks, as that service was available on their occurrence is not exceptional as has previously been subjected to similar attacks, and confirmed the return of the service to work without the loss of any messages and data to users.

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