There pose Telegram Passport to log in services that require the ID card

 تيليغرام تطرح Telegram Passport لتسهيل الدخول للخدمات التي تتطلب البطاقة الشخصية

Announced there about a new feature that arrived to be applied to make the supply of services, corporate identity or personal passport and smoother, so that the Telegram Passport is working to ensure the Card User’s profile and then enable it to provide services that you request with ease without the need to re-raise them consistently every time.

Maybe ask some of the Addendum offered by this feature, and in fact that this feature is centered around make sure there of the person of the user, and thus when the adoption of the card, the other institutions will require time to confirm them as long as I became uncertain on the application. It will have documented the personal card once and then login using the app only to confirm your identity services and other sites.

The company says that this service is encrypted just as is the case with the messaging service, which means that the image of the passport or ID or even driving license in some cases will be completely confidential.

The water became available to the payment service but the company hopes to cooperate with more companies that require an ID card to take advantage of them.

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