“There’s nothing to”.. increase the school smart watching students

Different schools of Chinese wear school uniforms Smart, can track the movement of students, determining their places accurately, in the framework of the learning plan to improve attendance rates.

Features outfit, which is developed by company Beijing Guanyu, fitted with a sensor to place on the shoulders, and able also to monitor the time of arrival of pupils to school or out, according to the newspaper “Global Times”.

Were provided to schools that choose to outfit flavour of its schools with disclosure of identity to recognize faces to make sure the information issued by the master, in order to avoid deception when he gives the students their uniforms to their colleagues for example.

And can the sensors track the activities of other students, such as sleeping during class, and give them the ability to purchase online with the use of technology for facial recognition or fingerprint to confirm purchases.

Can wash the outfit even approximately 500 times, as it is able to withstand elevated temperature up to 150 ° C without being affected by the sensors.

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