These advantages are wanted by the users of the iPhone from Android!

Phones both Android and iPhone are dominating the smart phone market, and each of them has his strengths and weaknesses, its advantages and disadvantages. For user iPhone, What are the advantages that amuses them in the future, Android’s?! In this article we try to answer this question.

هذه المزايا يريدها مستخدمو الآيفون من الأندرويد!

These advantages are wanted by the users of the iPhone from Android!

The “bulb” or lighting notifications

A feature found in most Android phones, medium and high specifications, the bulb notification is a LED lamps small, it can add more than color to signify many things without the user opens the phone.

"لمبة" أو إضاءة الإشعارات

The “bulb” or lighting notifications

For example, the light notifications in red when charging then the color green upon the expiration of the charging, the blue color in the case of a missed call or a text message, the white color in the case of a notice of messaging apps, and so on. The user can also customize these lights according to his personal desire.

Add storage memory or a connection again.

Mostly Android phones, and now it provides possibility to add storage memory microSD and slide the additional connection which is not available in phones the iPhone and it seems that Apple is determined to change it in the near future.

Plugin the personal Google Assistant

It is the best assistant to iPhone’s Siri in many aspects thanks to its reliance on the Google search engine and Gmail services, as well as various understanding and implementation of the voice commands and written than Siri in addition to its support for the Arabic language.

المساعد الشخصي Google Assistant

Plugin the personal Google Assistant

Other things ..

  • The ability to customize the interface system according to personal taste.
  • Feature Always On Display
  • The File Manager app multi-possibilities
  • The split screen feature
  • Send and receive files freely and without complications

For you as a user for iPhone, What are the things that you want from the Android’s?!

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