These apps are best removed. They are slowing down your smartphone!

Since the advent of the Android operating system has been more than ten years. During this time she has changed for the better, is more stable, got many advanced features that extend its functionality, and also got a major app store, where you can find apps for every taste. Many of them are really cool and essential programs, great games and system utilities, but even more in the Play Store of junk programs that bring more harm than good. For example, many Android users some time after the purchase starts to complain that their smartphone shamelessly began to slow down. And what is right, they say, said girlfriend, friends and parents, had to borrow an iPhone and do not bathe. But that’s not a bad smartphone, but the fact that people often mindlessly put from the Play Store if it worksthat got, including programs that slow down your system. We talk about them.

The screen of the smartphone with open store application

The contents

Application sberegatel RAM

Android mascot eating the memory card

Such programs for Android released a great many. Each of them offers at the moment to save the smartphone from the brakes, making it the fastest in the world. Sounds logical: a small application sits back and frees up memory from the other processes. In fact, they just automatically close behind the user unused apps hanging in the background. Opens the conditional “Vkontakte,” said classes, and then minimizes the application to make a call. In the background of “Vkontakte” waiting for a program that frees up RAM with closing background programs. Because of these carousels to closing, rebooting and opening the same apps, the battery is starting to go down even faster, because for start and restart of applications also requires energy, which the battery begins to drain at the whim of some applets, which turns out to be better Android is engaged in the distribution of RAM.

Clean Master or any other app for cleaning

The Android robot is cleaning out the garbage. Done!

Application for cleaning smartphones are perfectly able to clear the cache, but it can be cleaned and independently. Just go to Settings > Storage > Cached data. In a dialogue about cleaning cached data, you should accept by pressing Ok.
You can also clean the cache from individual apps. Go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded apps. On the next page, click “Clear cache”.

All “app-autoauthenticate” often expend a lot of energy. There are exceptions built into the original shell of the device, but not so much. If you are going to install a third party program once again consider. But our Yandex.Zen does not consume your energy. It can quietly read at bedtime.


Robots fighting Facebook

Not only that, the company now has serious problems of a different sort, she seems in no hurry to solve the unpleasant moments related to its mobile app for Android and iOS, by the way, the situation is not better. Seemingly small example program that eats up the battery like a fish, completely oblivious to the rules of propriety. Try to leave it in the background for a couple of hours, and then pay attention to battery consumption — usually you can see it in the settings.
It’s amazing how one single program to display a social network can consume up to a third of the battery capacity for a few hours. The thing is that the app for some reason to restore activity even in the background, constantly exchanging data with the servers and doing other dark deeds.

Perhaps if you use a social network of Mark Zuckerberg, you will be easier to do it the browser-based version, deleting the app from their gadgets.

Program to save battery power

The image of the battery

As our “friends ekonomiki” RAM, a program designed to preserve battery power for the most part are plain garbage, to install which on a smartphone is not recommended. Why? Because almost all of them — disguised as a useful tool of advertising platform created to host the banners. To really reduce the energy consumption of smartphone, it is necessary to reduce the load on the operating system, which, as we have said, depends among and from running applications. In the background or not — it tenth. But what about background programs, it is better not to forget in the first place, their closing time, they ate you would not need in the next few hours.

To find out what’s using your battery, go to settings and check data, tap on “Battery” or whatever you call it. Then opens the sign, clearly spelling everything out: here is our Facebok, he ate 25 percent of the battery and continues to do, that’s Excel, which “swallowed” another 11%, and so on. From this menu choose to run in the background of the most greedy programs — so you really can affect the duration of the gadget. More serious options require the activation of the Root and the deeper settings, but we have to consider in this article, we will not.

If you know any more applications that “eat” the battery, write it in comments and our telegram chat — discuss.

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