These apps for Android is still bottom cryptocurrency user devices. What are they?

In the Google Play app store for Android there are 25 applications installed on users ‘ devices malicious software for mining cryptocurrency. This is stated in the research company Sophos, which leads News.bitcoin.

In the report, analysts said that 11 of them are located on one account Gadgetium. They are educational apps that offer a variety of programs for training and testing. Just downloaded it to 120 thousand times.

How to protect yourself from the hidden mining

All applications that are discovered by analysts, used the script Coinhive for mining Monero. Once installed, they reduced the amount spent on mining power, to avoid heating of the processor and draining the battery. Thus, the apps managed to remain undetected, producing coins with the help of smartphone users.

The study deals with the application of Taste of Life Group, Mobeleader from Abser Technologies SL, Palkar from, Dizi Fragmanları Izle from Juhana Kivrak, Helper for Knight Game from Eugene Solovyov, Game Viet 2048 Thanhtu Media, Trance Droid by Happy Appys, Paintbox for children from Uwe Post, Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG from Levius LLC, Dominoes from Fun Board Games, Info Guru Pendidikan from Cakrawala Pengetahuan, Lighton from Buyguard, Tapbugs and the Dreamspell.

The publication notes that the app uploaded to the store, despite July’s ban on Google services hosted for covert mining of cryptocurrencies in Google Play. How the attacker managed to circumvent the restrictions — is unknown. The Corporation has not commented on the study.

This week Google showed the first signs of softening its stance towards the cryptocurrency. In particular, from 28 October, the Corporation will be allowed to advertise their products certified to the exchanges from USA and Japan.


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