These are all the Samsung devices which will get update Android 10

Galaxy Note 10

Appeared a long list of Samsung devices eligible for update Android 10 on the internet. We’re not sure of the credibility of the source, but the recording itself sounds promising. You will get all the Samsung devices that were launched this year to update the Android 10, including the series phones Galaxy M Series and Galaxy A Series.

Series phones Galaxy S9 Series and the Galaxy Note 9 which has been launched in the past year are included in the list also, and this is not surprising, but it seems that the series phones Galaxy S8 Series and the Galaxy Note 8 won’t get the new version of Android. However, this is not surprising also considering the fact that Samsung usually released updates for Android the key to the identity of their smartphone for two years.


Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us the new shopping anything about the appointments that you’ll get this smart phones to update Android 10 with science that we don’t have any official statement from Samsung in this regard. Of course, you’ll have phones the leading priority for the developers at Samsung, but we hope not wait too long when it comes to travel two Galaxy M Series and Galaxy A Series.


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