These are tests of processor performance Snapdragon 865 and compare it with the rest of the leading processors

Announced that Qualcomm officially announced the processor Snapdragon 865 a few days ago, this processor is Qualcomm’s flagship for the year 2020 as well as it is one of the leading processors year perhaps we’ll see it for the first time later with the phone Galaxy S11.معالج سنابدراجون 865

In the event all reported Qualcomm that the processor offers better performance for 25% of the previous generation-a SD855 – as it offers better performance by 20% for graphics and games and later have already appeared the results of the processor on the platform to Jake while it was through her show that Qualcomm was honest with what you mentioned!

The new processor Snapdragon 865 has already achieved the results of the approach reported by the Snapdragon, where they achieved better performance by 22-23% from the previous generation in terms of CPU, but we unfortunately did not make sure after from the increase in graphics performance because the platform Jake while evaluating graphics processors!

The following are the share your comparison in performance overall between the new processor and products of other leading distinct in some phones it works, note that the results in the first image is the performance of kernels all with the while results in the second image is the core performance one:

معالج سنابدراجون 865

معالج سنابدراجون 865

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