These are the best apps to record screen for Windows, Android and iOS

There are dozens of reasons you may wish to record a video for the need/your phone is among these reasons are the processes of montage, explain how to do something or even for amusement purposes, so share your day, read tic Voight a group of the best applications and tools to record the screen to video format.

Screen recording on computers through QBS

The application of QBS for computers working on Windows and Mac simultaneously, but this is not its main advantage, but to be completely free which is rare in this type of applications, especially with applications such as Camtasia and others which cost large amounts to use.

The application of QBS Studio provides the basics to integrate video with audio and also the basics of video editing as it allows the choice of professional players from where they broadcast games and also record periods of their gameplay as it offers the advantage of isolating the external sound when using the mic, a key advantage for workers as soon as the audio commentary and other.

You can download the app from here and start in his experience.

Screen recording on Android devices through AZ

Video recording people on phones, iPads and the Android platform is much easier especially that in some phones there is a screen recording feature built-in, but if you don’t have this feature or want more nurses reserve the application AZ Screen Recorder is your best choice.

This app its for you options control easy and effective and also allows too many options in terms of recording and filming on top of all this, it comes with a small area and also the light on the processor. You can through the application to control the rate of frames, the accuracy of the filming of the video and also add effects such as the effect of the Timelapse of the famous it also lets you record your voice through the microphone as well as view your picture from the front camera in the case of live streaming or audio commentary.

You can try the app from here while there is a paid version of the app offers a wider spectrum of nurses.

Screen recording on the iPhone through the Record It!

Application to Record It! For iPhone and iPad is the most prevalent among users especially that it is free to use as it allows a video editor built inside it, on the other hand the paid ones are not expensive.

The app offers the possibility of filming your face through the front camera while recording so in case you learn something or look do you think a characteristic is very important as it allows to watch the video after recording it through AirDrop! Also the app gives the story of the video and add effects and control the speed of the video and many other.

Try it now from here..

Source: TechRadar

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