These are the improvements made by Samsung on its smartphone rollaway Galaxy Fold


Samsung is working tirelessly to improve her smart phone rollaway Galaxy Fold after being temporarily halted its plans to launch it in the market when it turns out that he suffers from some problems that appeared when you got the phone into the hands of reviewers. And now a report from South Korea speaks about the improvements obtained by the phone Galaxy Fold.

It seems that the company has solved both of two main issues have been reported, namely, the ability of some external elements such as dirt, dust, sand, etc. on access to the joint and gluing the bottom of the screen, causing permanent damage; as well as the problem of removing the protective layer installed on the screen because they look like the protective plastic of the company, resulting in damage to the screen also.

The problem was solved last through the leadership of Samsung poking the edges of the protective screen in the body of the phone. So now, even if you want to remove the screen protector that, there is no starting point allows you to do this easily. We hope that this solution warning large at the box warns users to remove the protective layer at the top because to do so would result in damage to the phone which was purchased recently compared to 1980 USD.

In the initial units that were sent to reviewers, did not tuck the edges of the protective layer in the structure of the phone, so it was removed a nail is easy.

For the problem of the Joint, it has been said that Samsung is working to reduce the gap between the top and bottom of the joint to prevent the ingress of foreign material, but this solution won’t guarantee 100% lack of accumulation of some dust or lint inside the machine, but it should reduce the chances of with it.

It is clear that in relation to the following of the Galaxy Fold, the Samsung need to rethink the design of the joint to ensure that it does not suffer from the problems of the durability of these. If you look at the Galaxy Fold on it’s just a phone ” demo ” of some kind, as happened with the Galaxy Note Edge, it has to tolerate such defects, but if you look at it as a luxury cost almost 2000 usd, not so much.

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