These images question the conspiracy theory around Google Pixel 3

German portal NieuweMobiel has published new images of the Google Pixel 3, noting that they are official. If this is true, then the theory of collusion Google YouTube-bloggers may be another misconception.

Recall that on 6 September, the blogger John Prosser, who criticized the huge cutout in the display Pixel 3, told him about the email from Google. The company has requested permission to use excerpts from his videos — perhaps to show at the presentation of the people’s discontent and to introduce smartphones without the cut.

Image German portal indicate that the display Pixel 3 still will have a cutout. It is noteworthy that it is only present in versions of XL — a compact model fitted with a conventional screen.

That on images shown smartphones from Google, you specify the two parts. First, on the rear panel there is only one camera — the company believes that good pictures with blurred background can be done without the second module. Secondly, the rear panel is protected by a material similar to the one used in VR-helmets Google Daydream fabric.

What do you think, will Google Pixel 3 to have a cutout above the screen? Their assumptions can be written in our Telegram chat.

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