These methods prevent the internet company from tracking your activity on the sites

In the shadow of what has been circulating about the possibility of tracking providers Internet activity of users, even in the case of their use to put incognito “Incognito mode”, it was necessary to search for methods to protect against tracking and tracing, and the following methods from the best methods of confrontation and protection.

1 – the Https protocol

Encodes this Protocol the communication between the computer and the location of the site, depending on the protocol of TLS or SSL. Recently, the use of this Protocol is popular, as more than half of the total traffic carried on the internet, it is encrypted through it.

However, it is encrypted content data package, including the URL for the pages that you visit within the site, but it is not encrypted address of the site itself, so that can create a connection between your device and servers on the same site. Although internet service providers can’t see what you’re saying by him, but he can still know which websites you visit. In addition to the possibility of knowing the sites you visit, can Service Providers find out the duration of your connection to a specific location, for example, when you watch for a long video or when reading your article is relatively long.

Despite the advantages of the Https protocol, it is not the perfect choice, as there are many sites that do not support, and therefore can not be encrypted browsing traffic through. Keep visiting sites that provide this Protocol, proven to your browser tools that allow you to use the Protocol always with sites that support it.

2. software networks Internet virtual private “VPN”

Allow these programs to encrypt data visualization, by creating a network the internet isolated safe within the public Internet, so that is specify the Start and end point to connect to, which makes it more like a for that starts when your computer, since the data is encrypted, issued, and then sent through the virtual network and decrypt it at the end of it, until they are sent to destination to deal with, that it is encrypted again and sent through the virtual network again. Which provides protection as it can not tell the contact that you communicate with, it also prevents the attempts of hackers and malicious software for you, in addition to hide browsing activity from the service provider your be.

However, it is a good idea for protection, however, caution is required when you use of VPN Apps free, as developers can by spying on you and selling your browsing data to third parties. To ensure maximum protection, use the Https protocol next programs VPN you can even encrypt your browsing data your.

3 – Tor browser

This lets the browser that contains its own search engine, the higher the degree of protection for its users, as it prevents tracking internet service providers of any activity the user is doing through him, whether this activity is private browsing or download, or even watch video clips online.

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