These scales will really help you to get in shape

I admit, about weight loss I thought for a long time, and now that the summer is almost come into their legitimate rights, the desire to become sportier became even more. In the first place started a tough workout, and I really wanted to track your progress, not only visually, but also “numerically”. Calorie counters help except to lose weight — without exercise, they will not make you an athlete, even if the transition to proper nutrition. Came to the aid of “smart scales”.

What was the purpose

Immediately, indicating that my original goal was not weight loss in the generally accepted interpretation. On the contrary, my 80-81 kg, even not enough to the “norm” with a height of 188 cm is Therefore first of all wanted to “convert” body fat into muscle to minimize the total percentage of fatty tissue. How does all this tracking? For the first query in a search engine know what’s wrong with this task perfectly cope Picooc smart Libra: they not only read the 12 indicators of the body during the weight measurement, but also sinhroniziruete progress with a mobile app for the owner Android-smartphone is very convenient.

What indicators can be learn

Libra Picooc turn the body in an open book — they monitor the health of the organism as a whole, which analyze fluctuations in the composition and weight of the body. This allows you to get a comprehensive report on the condition of the body and data from 12 (Yes) indicators:

  • Weight
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • The total percentage content of adipose tissue
  • Percentage visceral fat
  • The protein content
  • Basal metabolism
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • The water content in the body
  • Figure
  • The mass of skeletal muscles
  • Metabolic age

How is the measurement

The weighing process does not differ almost from usual procedure — just stand on the scales for a few seconds. At this time, is passed through the body a small discharge current (generally not felt, but people with pacemakers to use this stuff). The principle of analysis is based on the fact that an electrical impulse is easier runs through the muscles and water than fat. For this reason, it is necessary to weigh barefoot, especially the top panel is made of tempered glass and has a nice non-slip coating.

To create a working model of the balance, it took years of research scientists from the U.S. and Chinese nutritionists that minimized the error of such measurements.

Tracked progress

To keep track of your successes, you must first connect the scale to a mobile app (Android and iOS). Setup takes a minute, and then we can proceed to the first weigh — in data will appear immediately on the smartphone. As you can see in the picture, in March I was all not very good: increased internal fat, the weight of the body left much to be desired, and all indices were in the red zone. A brief summary consists of weight and body fat percentage. To get access to detailed information, simply click on the dimension here and will show all of the parameters measured weights.

With the help of exercise and proper nutrition (intelligent system picks up the recommendations necessary to achieve the perfect shape) by mid-may I was able to increase the rating of the body from 2.9 to 7.6, and although the weight hasn’t changed much, you can see that its goal I’ve achieved — fat became less and muscle more.

Yes, a number of indicators still leaves much to be desired, but the work is not finished. Conveniently, in the present application, a detailed description for each dimension. You can read what constitutes a measurement and to compare its value with the scale norms. And thanks to Analytics you can track, such as changing the fat content in the body — I have it dropped from 33.8 in March to 21.7 in may.

You can choose a model for each

Picooc is not one scale, it is a brand that is represented by several models. I was able to make measurements using two versions of the S3 Mini. From each other they differ not only in size but also the weight indicator (at the higher weights he’s white, small — red). In addition, S3 has support for Wi-Fi, with which the scales are synchronized with the application. Model Mini can only transmit data via Bluetooth.

Picooc Mini is much smaller and is perfect for the ladies, they have a thickness of 2 cm and width 26 cm — in bathtub will fit easily. Built-in sensors of the bioimpedance are also available, all 12 indicators it tracks.

Weight restrictions are the same as the older 150 kg Working S3 from AA batteries, and Picooc Mini — AAA. They are included and are very long — two months I have not yet had.

We bring ourselves into shape!

To purchase any model of scales can be from the official representative Picooc in Russia. In this store you can buy the S3 model, and Mini. When ordering don’t forget the promo code for a discount of 15% PAI15, which acts on the entire line of scales on The promo code is valid until the end of July. Lose weight, but don’t forget about exercise!

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