They are all small: Qulcomm started making chips for Autonomous robots with 5G

They are all small: Qualcomm started making chips for Autonomous robots 5G

Qualcomm is one of those companies that are striving in the field of robotics.

New technologies often have the ability to expand beyond its original scope. Often companies that have experience of the means of computation for any one industry, go to another. So it happened this time, when Qualcomm, known for its processors, which are the lion’s share of smartphones on the market, decided to try his hand in the development of robotics. Their humanoid robots to build it is still not started, but is already famous for the production of chips that are integrated into these robots, and perform a very important task. Is the company so willing to move in a new business?

In addition to processors, Qualcomm also produces 5G modems, which are used in smartphones. In some chipsets they are built, for example, in Snapdragon 765G. In Snapdragon 865 it is necessary to set separately, but it is in conjunction with the CPU chip. Now with the new system RB5 from Qualcomm began developing her robots and drones.

This week the manufacturer of mobile chips in San Diego introduced the first 5G system with hardware and software tools for advanced robots. Platform Qualcomm Robotics RB5 uses a new processor QRB5165 for robots and has an accompanying module to connect to 4G LTE and 5G modem Qualcomm X55, which is also used today in smartphones.

New Qualcomm processor will make 5G available for almost all

RB5 includes artificial intelligence. This allows developers to create smart, fast and responsive machine. The best part is that he has very low energy consumption, which is important in the case of using Autonomous robots, where the battery charge is critically important.

Qualcomm expects the new machines on the basis of the RB5 will appear in the service sector and in manufacturing. At least 20 companies have already learned the technology and are likely to use it. Among them there are even LG, a manufacturer of drones Skydio, a manufacturer of robots for the security of NXT Robotics and other companies that manufacture robots. Including and sports.

Such robots can also be equipped with support for fifth generation networks.

And more than 30 companies involved in hardware and software, are working on related technology, which allows you to use different applications for robotics. They include a drone-AirMap cartographer, the publisher of Ubuntu Canonical, the Manager of the Park robots InOrbit, Panasonic and Intel RealSense engaged in the production of depth cameras and tracking.

For any type of robot, whether the robot for $ 200 or an industrial robot for $ 2 million, he should feel, think, act and communicate, said Dev Singh, Director of business development and robotics Qualcomm — Qualcomm brings all this together.

Although most people think of 5G as a technology for smartphones, it has the potential to change other sectors of our lives. The network of the fifth generation are of great importance for robots, cars, health care, retail and for almost all industries, which you can think of. 5G can link system street infrastructure and other devices which were not connected to the Internet. The device will literally talk to each other.

Robotics and drones — this is a great opportunity for Qualcomm to gain a foothold in this business seriously and for a long time. She already felt quite confident in this area, but if you manage to hit the robotics, then it all will be just swell.

We will have an interesting future.

What are the advantages of 5G

With regard to robotics and drones, the key benefits of 5G are the speed and reliability of wireless technology. The signal delay and the response is measured in milliseconds, compared with tens of milliseconds or more when you use 4G and Wi-Fi. 5G network was initially developed taking into account the increased stability. This will be especially important in cases, when connected to such a network, the robots will work in manufacturing or driving an unmanned vehicle.

Food delivery, Autonomous vehicles, automation of urban space, robots-sellers cleaning systems — all this and more will definitely be in our future and, apparently, Qualcomm now wants to stake out a spot in it.

Better VR and AR. What is XR and what does Qualcomm

Even before the first model of this chip appeared on the market, the company has used Qualcomm’s technology in their devices. But, adapting processor for robots and drones, Qualcomm to better meet the specific needs of those who use them.

Industrial drones, perhaps more than others need a normal relationship.

RB5 is able to perform artificial intelligence speeds up to 15 trillion operations per second to perform complex tasks and deep learning. System processor QRB5165 includes machine learning and a special mechanism in computer vision for video Analytics. The image processor 480 Spectra can simultaneously support seven cameras and to process images at a rate of 2 gigapixels per second.

When I will have to buy a robot, ask the Council why choose our Telegram chat. Help.

According to Singh, with Qualcomm cooperate with more than 100 robotics companies. Such cooperation simply can not give them a competitive advantage in this market. Moreover, the main competitor is now experiencing not the best times. Coincidence? If anything, I’m talking about Huawei.

It only remains to add that the RB5 will be available in the near future. Dev Singh puts it on about six or eight months.

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