Thief steals important data of tens of thousands of Facebook employees

Thief steals important data of tens of thousands of Facebook employees

Exposed personal banking information of tens of thousands of workers have a company Facebook in the United States for a breakthrough last month when a thief stole many hard drives your company car to an employee.

And my hard drives – which weren’t encrypted – payroll data such as employee names, bank account numbers, the four numbers of Social Security numbers to employees, according to an email I sent to Facebook staff on Friday. As the disks on the information of the compensation, including salaries and amounts of bonuses some details of the stock.

Overall, the drives on personal data about 29,000 employees of the American work they have Facebook in 2018, as confirmed a company spokeswoman. Have encountered Facebook several cases in recent years revealed the personal data of users of the social network. However, the drives are stolen the data of Facebook users.

Spokeswoman said Facebook in a statement shared with Bloomberg News: “We’ve worked with law enforcement agencies while they investigate the incident to break into a car and stealing a bag and an employee containing the company’s equipment stored information staff payroll”. She added: “We have not seen any evidence of misuse, we believe that this is a crime, crush, import, instead of trying to steal employee information”.

According to the e-mail of the interior, there has been proposed a car at 17 last November, and then the company realized the loss of hard drives at the 20 November. On 29 November, confirmed a criminal investigation that these hard drives contained information about staff salaries. Began to Facebook to alert the staff affected by today Friday.

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Recall that the employee who was robbed is a member of the payroll section have Facebook, and it wasn’t supposed to take the HDD out of the office. The spokeswoman said: “We have taken appropriate disciplinary action”.

Still Facebook works with law enforcement to restore the information, however, it did not find any hard drives. In an e-mail message, encourage Facebook employees to notify their banks offered them a subscription for two years in the service control identity theft.

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