Things can your phone do you may not know about

No matter if you own Android phones or the iPhone, be sure you use the same apps daily, what means that there are probably many things you don’t know that your phone is able to do, let us offer you today a number of the most prominent.

Image capture during video recording

In the iPhone, Android easy to capture a photo while recording a video by pressing the dedicated button for it, although the quality will not be like those that we get in camera mode.

Move to put the emergency

In the iPhone, pressing the power button and the volume buttons, you can enter the pattern of emergency shut off systems, Face ID, Touch ID, and then contact one of the emergency services, depending on your settings, although Android does not support this feature as standard yet, you can do it via the cancel fingerprint lock from Settings.

Read the messages

On Android and iPhone you can request a personal assistant on the body Google or Siri to read your messages to you by saying hey Google, read me my texts أوhey Siri, read me my texts, which supports the Arabic language.

Using personal assistant without checking

If you want to use the personal assistant without verification, there is in the iPhone settings and select the ease of access to do the option write to Siri to be able to squeeze the side button of my communication with Siri via the writing, which also works in Android with the Assistant Google by clicking on the colored dots of the three and press on the keyboard to write your question.

The controller at the TV

If you have a TV running Android, you can download the App Android TV Remote Control to move in Easy, which can be also applied in the iPhone if you have system Apple TV via app Apple TV Remote.

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