Things lacking phone Samsung Galaxy S 9

Do you have to buy a phone Galaxy S9’s?

Samsung revealed during the month of March last about the latest smart phones the Samsung Galaxy S 9, which join the series phones Galaxy S to be the successor for the Samsung Galaxy S 8, which was unveiled during the past year, and of course the phone comes new benefits variety including camera capabilities and techniques of intelligence enhanced.

But despite the advantages of the phone however, the Korean company has added minor improvements to the Samsung Galaxy S 9 without adding features or extras vitality of the device, the first won’t enable interaction between it and the Samsung Galaxy S. 8, during the article we will get things lacking phone Samsung Galaxy S 9.

Things lacking phone Samsung Galaxy S 9

  • A unique feature in the phone
مميزات سامسونج اس 9
Features of Samsung s 9

After a long series of propaganda made by Samsung is their new smart phones but it came without a major change in the features of the phone, may be the company has added features to the camera, added adjustments on the speakers, the amendment of the location of the fingerprint reader except that the phone did not come with a strong new make it apart from the rest of the phones of the competition.

On the one hand, the design didn’t care for the Korean company to add any modification on the design of the Samsung Galaxy S. the 9, but came to largely similar design of the Samsung Galaxy S 8 unlike what is done by the company when the launch of the phone last year, which attracted the attention of users to it thanks to its new design of, and in the time that succeeded where other companies such as vivo of to get rid of the fingerprint reader at the back of the phone and integrate it with the screen except that the market leader in smart phones and best-selling for Android phones around the world you can’t integrate the fingerprint reader with the phone screen, Has been mainly attributed to the presence of technical problems prevented them from that and may succeed Samsung added in the Galaxy Note 9 the next.

  • Voice assistant is able to compete
مساعد صوتي
Voice assistant

Samsung announced for the first time about the assistant Bixby last year where it came integrated with the phone Samsung Galaxy S 8, during the year, the company tried to develop it but did not succeed in providing a voice assistant capable of competition, where provided Samsung put the interpretation that you can redirect your phone’s camera on a word that you want translated to get the meaning of immediately in addition to add different modes such as put the food and makeup, but that wasn’t the plugins able to make it be able to compete.

Still the plugin supports a few languages, including English, Korean, and Chinese, which makes it unable to appropriate assistant Google that supports many of the world’s languages, perhaps during the next period named assistant Samsung more languages, and must take the Korean company on the custom button to call a plugin to keep the needs of users who are looking for ease and speed.

And need plugin Bixby to a further development it is most important obstacles is the lack of information he needs to supply it with smart learning and providing the information needs that make it able to meet the wishes of users and keep the features that it offers rivals.

  • Longer battery life

بطارية سامسونج اس 9
Battery Samsung s 9

Think the battery performance of the most important features that drive users to buy the phone, but has been Samsung silent and did not offer anything new in the development of batteries it came phone Samsung Galaxy S 9 sword that came out of the Samsung Galaxy S. 8 during the past year, amounting to 3000 mA/ H, as stated phone the Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus the same capacity that operate by the phone battery Samsung Galaxy S 8 plus the $ 3500 Milli-amp/hour, not the phones last year of the best phones in terms of battery but the users need to charge it during the day, Despite that I didn’t seek Samsung to add features related to the battery or to increase capacity.

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