Things we wish there would be in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, what?

As usual, Apple is expected to unveil a new version of its smart watch, and this year we will be with an appointment with the sixth version of the Apple Watch Series 6. Here is a list of my wishes that we hope will be fulfilled in this version.

We hope to have a presence in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6

Design change

The Apple Watch has evolved and changed over the years, but the design remains the same, and this is a good thing that makes the watch in various versions support different bands.

Slightly modifying the design to make it thinner would be an acceptable change as it makes the watch more compatible with wireless chargers.

Add a U1 sorbet

The U1 chip is present in the iPhone 11 phones and its mission is to accurately locate the locations via the high-frequency radio waves, with this chip you can easily locate the iPhone 11 phones via the watch and vice versa if you lose either of them.

Higher headphones

It would be better to improve the headphones and audio outputs of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 to make the process of receiving calls better even in places with loud noises.

Add a camera

Previously, this was not possible, but now, with the development of the technology industry, it is possible to insert the camera at the bottom of the screen, which can be applied in the watch so that the user can make video calls or take simple pictures via the watch.

More health sensors

The Apple Watch already contains many movement and health sensors, but there is still room for development by adding more of them, including the sensor for measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood, which is appropriate at this time when the Corona virus epidemic that affects the respiratory system is spreading.

GPS with higher accuracy

Sometimes the user does some physical exercise such as running, walking, or cycling in a specific place or road, but he finds the watch displays different results, especially in the case of not having an iPhone.

Also, the Apple Watch's roadmap is not always accurate, so it is better for Apple to improve the GPS system in the watch to work better.

What are the things that you wish to add in the next Apple smart watch?

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