This add-on Allow features Night Mode on all of the sites

Think the advantage of Night Mode is one of the most important representative of the modern technologies that have been introduced to smart phones, which are very useful to maintain the eyes from the lighting emitted from the screen, add to that a bright light in a dark environment uncomfortable.

Even now the internet browsers don’t allow this feature, for this reason turn users to use plugins such as these add excellent that allows you to get Night Mode on all of the sites that you visit, with the possibility of customization.

The addendum is available on the Chrome browser and Firefox and Safari, and you can use it on Oprah too, and once you install it will automatically enter dark mode and you can turn off and turn on the water from the icon of the addon in the browser, in addition to customize the degree of lighting, color and more.

Add to browser Chrome or Opera: click here
Add to the Firefox browser: click here
Add to the Safari browser: click here (4.99)

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