This allows you to the app MacroDroid to automate your Android phone easily

MacroDroid powerful application and is very useful through which you can automate many aspects of your smartphone.

يسمح لك هذا التطبيق MacroDroid بأتمتة هاتفك الأندرويد بسهولةThis allows you to the app MacroDroid to automate your Android phone easily

MacroDroid and without any introductions, is an application that allows you to automate many aspects of your smartphone through the establishment of units of a custom macro can be triggered based on certain events in a more practical way of Tasker itself, for example, you can activate the touch free the when starting or closing a certain application, or automatically reply to an SMS text message, or select a time by pressing the power button, or even activate the Bluetooth and even adjust the level of sound through the composition sensor and NFC.

And that the exercise process is very simple, where all you have to do is create a macro by selecting one of the triggers from the list, such as “battery level”, and then set the value of the operator, for example “when the battery level is less than 10%”, then select an action from the menu, such as “configure Wi-Fi network and press the configuration such as disabling Wi-Fi, and finally select the name and category.

Also, the app lets you add as many actions, and adjust restrictions, for example “one day or more days of the week or a specific time” and much more, there are also macros ready and can be easily customized.

Finally, the application of MacroDroid available on Android for FREE, supported by ads that can get rid of them when you buy the paid version, with the removal of the limit for macros which is 5, and have to have your Android device running 4.2 and the latest.

Download application MacroDroid for Android.

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