This app allows you to control iPhone and iPad through gestures, eye

A few years ago, has made Samsung’s effort to teach the eye tracking feature on its phones, which was a new idea, but it didn’t get attention. Although such a feature has not had great resonance with the audience, but that doesn’t mean the lack of scenarios in conjunction with different is very useful.

The developers of the Hawkeye Labs introduced the video shows how users can iPhone and iPad control their device by the gestures of the eye. As shown in the video below, users can use an app that depends on the technique TrueDepth in front camera, to browse the web without the use of hands completely.

Regardless of being a wonderful application, refers developers Hawkeye Labs that the app would be useful for people who suffer from the disabilities movement, and will browse the web heavily. In addition, it allows road users to navigate between pages and return to the home page of the phone.

The app only works on devices equipped with cameras TrueDepth (such as the iPhone XS or iPad Pro the new), and it is possible to get it for free from the Store App Store.

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