This app does the dark mode automatically with Mac

System has become the Mojave is available to users of computers Mac, Watch between the New submitted by: dark mode (Dark Mode) and the screen dynamic (Dynamic Desktop).

Put the dark colour works dark grey one system, while the dynamic screen brightness changes to the network key (either the desert or flows, solar) according to Times of day: morning, noon and Morocco and night.

While Change feature “young, dynamic” the brightness of the screen automatically, you must switch between the dark mode and the normal mode manually from the system, but the application of NightOwl solve the dilemma.

Called NightOwl automatic switching between dark mode and the normal mode at the times you set, next to that it shows as an icon in the menu bar to switch between the two modes manually and easily, it also incorporates automatically when the autostart.

The app is free and you can download it: click here, the developers named Benjamin Kramer, but the application has not examined officially by Apple.

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