This app evaluates AI in smartphones. Check your!

The group of experts in the field of computer vision ETH Zurich have created a system of assessment of the smartphones on the subject of predisposition to work with artificial intelligence, giving it in the form of Annex AI Benchmark. Development operates on the principle of synthetic tests like Geekbench, revealing the AI potential of mobile devices.

Performance evaluation of smart phones when working with AI in the first place will be useful for developers creating applications which in varying degrees, exploit the neural network and the laboratory of the mind, say the authors of the study. At the moment, the device with the highest level of AI compatibility is not Huawei P20 Pro, and not Honor 10, and all the known “killer” flagships OnePlus 6.


Artificial intelligence in smartphones

As part of testing AI Benchmark evaluates the accuracy of the smartphone for recognition of objects on images, the processing efficiency of high-resolution images, ability of classification and editing, as well as a predisposition to control pilot. The last aspect is probably a test, because hardly mobile processors will be under force yourself to keep a car.

The researchers hope that in the future their system of determining predisposition of devices with AI will be on a par in importance with the rating of evaluation of photo capabilities from DxOMark. According to the creators of AI Benchmark, it will take quite a bit of time and artificial intelligence in the smart phone will become no less important than the quality camera.

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App: AI Benchmark

Developer: Andrey Ignatov
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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