This app is an alternative name for Android users

Now that emoji have become a major part of all the chat, put on by the expression of a characteristic not found in the letters of the alphabet, with the advent of feature name of the iPhone X which you can transfer your facial expressions and your voice through cartoon characters, funny to the other Party of the conversation has become a chatting experience more fun, but the feature name and its en Emoji from Samsung is available exclusively for phones leading. But we found a wonderful application for Android offers this feature, it will also be available soon on iOS.

The app is TouchPal is the keyboard fine includes key features found in keyboards like the famous quick responses, posters, animations, and more, support of artificial intelligence in a search engine internal to propose restaurants and tell you the weather condition and even carry out calculations to plugin the default “next”, but what matters is the feature name.

The app is compatible with Android 4.3.1 or newer, and works with a large number of months of chat Apps, the best known Messenger WhatsApp. After downloading the app, giving him permission to be a virtual keyboard, you can enter in the normal manner on the application Messenger such as, fear, talks normal and if you want to send a voice message via a cartoon character, you’ll find en Emoji in the Department of emoji, enter it and choose one meal and use the front camera to record a message and then sent.

The characters currently are the face of the ginger and gorey a capsule. And you can imitate the movement of the face well, and accurate in tracking the brows, as you imitate a smile, wink and pout, but don’t use the output of your tongue or send a kiss.

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