This app takes a unique function of Pixel 2 on your smartphone

The ability to control the smartphone interface by compression of the lateral faces which is a unique feature of HTC U11 and Google Pixel the second generation, could be implemented on a much larger number of devices. This was confirmed by the developers Studio Pocketdevelopers, released the application SideSqueeze.

Few know that the design of the smartphones with sensitive faces, and there was not special sensors like 3D Touch, is able to convert the amplified clicking in the team. Gesture recognition occurs through the work of the barometer, which determines the pressure level of the rear wall and the side faces.

To verify that this is true, install the application SideSqueeze, activate it and set the command to be performed by squeezing the edges. The developers claim that the program is compatible with all devices with a built-in barometer, however, the main tests were carried out with the participation of S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

We invite you to discuss the possibilities of application SideSqueeze in our Telegram chat.

Application: SideSqueeze (Unreleased)

Developer: Pocketdevelopers
Category: Work
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 1841 people

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