This app uses artificial intelligence to improve your skills in basketball

Let’s first agree that you will not reach the level of the players of the NBA what did you start basketball practice since childhood, but as a player, average or beginner would benefit from the application of the company NEX to improve the skills of shooting in basketball.

Relying mainly on the phone’s camera and algorithms of artificial intelligence application HomeCourt track your movement during game play to record the poignant moment of the payment on the accuracy of the corrections, including the distance of the throw and the high jump and the body.

After that the application loads the data to the positive and negative points to improve the skill of payment, with later timing and how perfect the implementation of payment based on what the collected data.

The app also displays the statistics of data collected during game play, as well as recording video footage during the payment, add some of the challenges addressed by the rest of the users, but make the most of the app and ask to install the phone on the holder while providing good lighting in the stadium.

Expect HomeCourt store Apple Store currently, iOS users 11 or later, and he doesn’t know yet if the company plans to launch it on Android or not.

Download HomeCourt from the Apple Store

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