This app will add notification to your Android smartphone

LED is one of the most underrated functions of the smartphone. It allows to track calls and texts that went unanswered, without the need to activate the display. Just enough to cast a glance at the front panel of the device, which periodic flashing will tell you about missed events, which can your immediate attention. However, many manufacturers disregard the indicators and then the users have to solve this problem.

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It turns out that equipping a badge can be any smartphone with AMOLED-display. You do not need a surgical intervention with the subsequent introduction of auxiliary components. It’s hard to believe, but with this task perfectly cope small app from Google Play called NotifyBuddy.

How to replace the Always-On Display

As we pointed out above, it only works on smartphones with AMOLED displays. The fact that only these matrices can bring the voltage on individual pixels without lighting the entire screen. By the way, thanks to this features of the organic panels they support the Always-On Display that allows real-time display the time, day of the week and other information.

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  • Install NotifyBuddy on your smartphone;
  • Disable power saving and install a ban on blocking NotifyBuddy in “Settings”;
  • The parameters NotifyBuddy set of apps that can notify you of missed events when using the LED notification.
  • Adjust the frequency of blinking, color, and other settings and use.

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In contrast to the Always-On Display, NotifyBuddy does not display any information, but only makes a few pixels light up, simulating the work of the LED indicator. Surprisingly, the display looks so realistic that no one can doubt that your smartphone is equipped with appropriate light bulb.

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Application: NotifyBuddy — AMOLED Notification Light
Developer: XanderApps
Category: Personalization
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 247 people

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