This background may lead to the closure of the phone Shawty Mi 9!

Revealed one of the users of Reddit for the problem appear in the phone Shawty Mi 9 when you install a specific background on the phone, so this problem causes to the closure of the phone dramatically.

A feature to change the backgrounds or wall paper one of the nurses preferred and desired by a lot of users, where the user is a new phone.

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I have confirmed one of the users phone Mi 9 Shao on the presence of specific background that can lead to phone stopped responding completely, or close the phone.

As pointed out by one of the users of the Mi 9 Unit own phone kept in the closed position and operation of the New automatically, has been installed the background on the phone, where the phone remains switched on for one second, and then the phone is closed another second.

Also keep the phone in the closed position, operation of 5 to 6 times, the screen moved later to the Download Mode and then appeared three choices to the user between a Reboot, and Wipe Data, or call as the support of Mi.

As pointed out by a user of Reddit to that the background that lead to the emergence of this problem is the background in black with the colors in the screen frame, where it was download this background via Google.

Recall that this problem is also spotted when you install the background at Mi 9T Pro, so this problem may affect other versions of phones Shawty.


I know of

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