This concept of mega-convenient iOS 13, which should see Apple

We have become accustomed to the fact that the closer presentation of the new version of iOS, the more speculation on this subject can be found in the Network. Analysts speculated obsessing about innovations updates, insiders trying to properly dispense information that they obtain from their sources, and designers are simply embody what they learn in their concepts. As a rule, most of them looks very very improbable, but even among them there are those who would be happy to even the most conservative users of iOS.

Designer Michael Calcada has presented its own vision of iOS 13 and I have to admit, I personally his offspring like the most that I have seen before. Calcada did not focus on the mouse, split screen and other chips and tried to play a proactive and focusing on solutions is important both for Apple and for ordinary users.

Always On Display for your iPhone

First of all, decided Calcada that iOS 13 must include support for Always-On Display. Thanks to her, interact with your smartphone is easier as it will constantly display the time, information about incoming notifications and missed messages, and then you won’t have to pull the power button, lighting the screen, just to look at him. But it’s not the most important.

Grouping of notifications on iOS

Much steeper than the idea of an advanced group of incoming notifications. The idea Calcada much easier to the one that Apple implemented in iOS 12. The designer came up with not only to link notifications from one application stack, but also to bring to the lock screen bar with the icons of apps, clicking on which will open you to the list of missed notifications from each of them. This will greatly relieve the lock screen and to facilitate interaction with notifications if a lot of them.

Dynamic dock is another feature of iOS, which we lacked before. According to the plan Kalmadi, in iOS 13 Apple just needs to remove the restriction on occupancy of the dock bar on the iPhone, allowing you to embed there more than four applications.

Setting the control

In addition, Calcada believes that Apple needs to allow users to customize the control the way they want it, without having to configure the location of the items in “Settings”. Just enough to introduce the mechanism of retention, which allows you to drag keys responsible for certain actions, from place to place.

Another innovation that will simplify the use of the iPhone — banner incoming calls. According to the designer, the time when notification of an incoming call should cover the entire screen, paralyzing all the work are long gone. Will be much better, according to Kalmadi, if the iPhone will simply display a small banner with the keys of the receive call and hang up.

AR mode on iOS

But most of all I liked the native operating system integration with augmented reality. Calcada implemented the concept of special regime, which relies on the camera and AR. With it, scanning the surrounding space, the smartphone will give you the latest information about what is happening around you. For example, seeing a stop mode prompt, public transport schedules, and the contact lens store logo, he will tell you about current promotions and discounts that will allow you to save money.

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