This costume will allow deaf-blind people to communicate via tactile communications

Haptic communication is a form of communication in which seeing and hearing the person giving information to the deaf-blind companion by touching his back or other parts of the body. The method is pretty effective, but what if the deaf-blind person wants to be more independent in communication? In this case, can help special clothes with the opposite impact.

Clothes for the deaf and blind

This technology is being developed in the framework of the project SUITCEYES (from Smart, User-friendly, Interactive, Tactual, Cognition-Enhancer or “Smart, convenient, interactive, tactile corrector of disorders of cognitive functions”) funded by the European Union. Development is conducted by several institutes and research centres: the Hellenic Centre for research and technology, Offenburg University of applied Sciences (Germany), Leeds University (UK), Amsterdam free University (Netherlands) and Polish company Harpo. The project is led by the Swedish University Bores.

According to the specs, develop the suit will be equipped with connected to the computer, a wearable camera that will determine important for the media objects and the faces of the people, the obstacles in the room or things that a person wants to find. This information will be passed to the user through vibration and other tactile signals generated by the built-in suit motors.

“At the moment we are working to integrate all of these components in the vest. The camera will be able to recognize what is in the room to send the information into a digital computer database, which will quickly translate information into tactile signals that the user will feel on the back using special motors,” explains one of the developers of Nils-Krister Persson of the University Bores.

The developers have created for the fourth generation of this vest. The original prototype looked like a red hoodie, then the black hoodie, then it turned into a green vest. Now the design looks like a black vest with plaid back. Each cell contains a motor, which transmits signals to the media.

In the nearest plans of developers – to create several prototypes of the last generation and their mass test.

“Historically clothes have always had a close relationship with the person. We decided to go to the next level and make it a tool for communication,” adds Nils-Krister Persson.

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